Please join me in welcoming Rolando to the Papaya Search team as a Junior SEO Analyst. Ron for short, Rolando joined us in the midst of quarantine for many of us in Atlanta, so his first day was spent on Zoom instead of at Papaya HQ. We’re excited to have him on board!

Tell us a little about yourself:

I was born in Lima, Peru but I call Georgia my home. I came to the United States when I was 5. A few interesting facts about myself, I don’t really like putting any condiments on my food. I’m left-handed so you know life is rough. I’m starting to get white hair, not gray but WHITE! 

I’m the first one in my family to ever go to college. After graduating from Kennesaw with a BA in New Media Arts, I got a job at FOX. After Disney bought FOX, my department was told that it would be closing. I was already thinking about moving on to the next step in my life even before the Disney acquisition. I decided to go to start a new career path. I didn’t think the corporate media life was for me. 

Thankfully, I had subscribed to a YouTube channel back in college.  One day, one of their videos appeared on my YouTube recommendation about a course on digital marketing. I saw it and did some research. I also had a bit of knowledge about what it was because one of my college classes had mentioned it in their course. Once I decided this was the field for me. I decided to take the course and learn as much as I could.

What do you love about search? 

I am still learning search, but so far I am loving the process. I honestly love learning new things. When learning about the history of SEO I see that it is always changing. That means I will always have to be learning new things or new strategies. Also every day there is a new task or problem that must be solved.  I really love that. People in this community tend to be really nice and love to help one another. 

What do you like to do when not behind the computer? 

 I love to play pick up soccer. I like the fact anyone can play and that a bunch of random people with different skill sets can form a team and play against each other.  I’m a defender so I love it when I get to play people with a high skill set. I gain a lot of experience when going up against these types of players. Other than soccer I like to make music videos with my friends. The whole creative process is awesome. I tend to do story-based music videos. A little old school, but that’s what I like. I also like that I don’t need a sound person when filming. 

How long have you been in Atlanta? Favorite places to visit and eat?

I’ve lived in Roswell, GA for most of my life. I have moved closer to the city. I usually don’t venture out to the city as much, but when I do it’s usually for soccer, shows, and food. My favorite place to visit is either Piedmont Park or Georgia Tech. Both of which I play pick up soccer. For food, I like to go to Sweet Hut or Yeah! Burger. 

Why do you think Sam (his cat that appears often as we work in Zoom) love you so much?

Haha, I don’t know. I’m actually a dog person, and I’m allergic to cats! My allergies used to be so bad that I would try and stay away from my cats. I think after taking so much allergy medicine I’m now used to my cats. I think Sam gravitated towards me more than my girlfriend because I tend not to move or touch her as much. She likes her space. Oh, and because I know all her sweet spots of where she likes to be petted. I’m a wizard. 

How are you getting by during the quarantine?

 I am going crazy not being able to play soccer or do some nightly drives. Other than that I think I’m handling it pretty well. It helps that I am an introvert so not much has changed for me other than soccer and socializing with my soccer buddies.

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